Adult education in Hordaland

The adult education service offers education at upper secondary level for adults. Adults are entitled to upper secondary education from the year they turn 25 if they have not completed such education previously.

From the first of January 2020 we are a part of Vestland fylkeskommune.

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We offer theory modules for vocational subjects as well as academic courses. The education is free and can lead to an apprenticeship certificate, a vocational qualification or academic study credits.

Adult Education Centres are able to provide information, career advice and offers of upper secondary education.

Adults are entitled to education

Adults who have not completed upper secondary school are entitled to free, specially adapted upper secondary education from the year they turn 25. You can obtain information and guidance from any Adult Education Centre.

Requirements for free upper secondary education:

  • You have not completed upper secondary school
    or you have (upper) secondary education from abroad which is not recognised in Norway
  • You will be 25 years of age or older
  • You have completed secondary school or equivalent
  • You live in the county of Hordaland

If you are a non-native Norwegian speaker you must have a valid residence permit in Norway to be entitled to upper secondary education and to an assessment of your general qualifications and experience.

Apart from this, the same laws and regulations apply to adult non-native speakers as to adult Norwegian speakers. If you do not have one of the Scandinavian languages as your mother tongue, you will be considered a non-native speaker.

Instruction in Norwegian

All courses are taught in Norwegian. You must therefore speak and understand Norwegian in order to benefit. Contact your local council (kommune) if you require more information about Norwegian courses or primary and secondary education.

The courses are aimed at adults entitled to upper secondary education. The education may vary from individual guidance to traditional teaching in classrooms and should be adapted to the person’s work and life situation as far as possible. Bergen katedralskole offers introductory courses.

Assessing your general qualifications and experience

If you wish to use your work experience or upper secondary qualifications from your home country, you must be able to produce the required documentation in Norwegian or English. If you do not have such documentation, you can ask to have your previous qualifications and experience assessed by an Adult Education Centre.

Higher education Once you have obtained your upper secondary qualifications you will be in a better position on the job market and can apply for higher education courses at vocational colleges, universities and university colleges. If you already hold higher education or university qualifications from another country, you will not be entitled to upper secondary education. You can also have your qualifications assessed by NUCAS or by the higher education college/university that you wish to apply for.

Contact the Hordaland adult education service

The Hordaland County Council runs a total of six Adult Education Centres. The centres can help you with career advice, identifying your qualifications and upper secondary education.

Contact your nearest Adult Education Centre

Contact your nearest Adult Education Centre for more information. If you are not sure which centre to approach, please contact: The Hordaland County Council education department.

Tel: (+47) 55 23 92 30


Please contact your local county administration for Norwegian tutoring and base level schooling.