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Information in English

Manger folkehøgskule, ca 40 km north of the city of Bergen, is a secular school with humanistic ideals such as respect for life, consideration for others and responsibility for freedom and justice. Through life in a close-knit residential community, practical and theoretical studies and activities we challenge students to develop their own personal depth of knowledge and experience.

Folkehøgskule’s award no formal qualifications or grades to students, but each student receives a certificate of attendance and participation upon successful completion of the course. There are neither auditions nor qualifications required to enter the school. The only requirements are that the student must choose a course of study for the academic year and agree to live by the few, but important school rules . There are 6 courses of study to choose from at Manger folkehøgskule:

  • The Brass band Course  
  • The Music Production Course   
  • The Band Course
  • The Hiphop course
  • The Artist and Songwriter Course
  • The Music, Living, and Leisure Course (a special needs program)

Each of these courses has it’s own timetable with approximately 18 classes a week focused directly on the main study area. There are also joint lessons covering a wide range of musical and non-musical subjects with the other students at the school.

Residential accommodation for 60 students. Total fees, bord and meals included for 2020/21 is NOK 118.000,- The school year is from mid August to mid May. However, it is possible just to take a half-year course.

Financial responsibilities

The fact that the School is residential and has a budget based on a fixed number of students carries with it certain responsibilities. If a student wishes or is required to leave before completing a course, fees for a period of 6 weeks after the date of departure will be charged. Students who fail to discharge their financial responsibilities towards the School can risk losing their place as a student.

Expert from the School rules 

  1. Attendance at all lessons is compulsory.
  2. It is prohibited to use, have or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the School premises.
  3. No breaches of Norwegian law, either on or off the School premises, will be tolerated.

Practical information


The school is closed for the autumn half-term break, Christmas holidays, and Easter holidays and students are not permitted to stay at the School during these periods. The autumn half-term break and the Easter holidays present excellent opportunities for overseas students to be invited home to Norwegian families. The school can help with arrangements.

6-day week

Please note that Folk High Schools have a 6-day a week timetable. There are 4 periods in the timetable each Saturday from 10.30 hours until 14.00 hours. Free Saturdays are incorporated in the timetable approx. once a month.


The catering at the school provides an all round nutritious diet. Please send information concerning allergic dietary reactions. All students are allocated domestic duties in the common areas, kitchen, and accommodation buildings.  Accommodation prices are based on the principal that all students keep their rooms and other shared areas in order.


The School does not accept responsibility for personal belongings. Please check that your family house-content insurance policy covers your belongings during your stay here at Manger. If not, it is possible to take out a student policy to cover your personal belongings. Articles of special value should be insured separately, musical instruments etc.

Confirmation of student status

We will send confirmation of your student status at Manger folkehøgskule so that you can make the use of student-travelling rates for your journey to Manger in August.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further information.

School office:

00 47 56 34 80 70

Cell phone:

00 47 41 45 87 67

Or contact us by e-mail: