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Information in english

Laksevåg upper secondary school

Facts about our school

Laksevåg videregående skole (upper secondary school) is situated in the western part of the city of Bergen. The school is administrated by Hordaland fylkeskommune (Hordaland County Municipality).
We offer general and vocational subjects in combination with on-the-job- training leading to craft certificates. Students, who wish to obtain university entrance qualifications in addition to vocational competence, may take additional courses.
We provide the following courses:

  • Programme for General Studies
  • Media and Communication
  • Building and Construction Trades
  • Electrical Trades
  • Engineering and Mechanical Trades
  • Chemical and Processing Trades

We also offer specially designed courses for students with special needs, such as:

Partial Vocational Qualifications
Young people with special needs may receive partial competence within the studies of Health and Social Care, Building and Construction trades and Engineering and Mechanical trades. The purpose of this course is to give these young people the experience needed to get a job within the respective trades, or the foundation needed for starting ordinary (standard) vocational studies.

Work Training for Students with Special Needs
The training for work is meant for young people with specific disabilities who need adjusted programs. The aim is to become qualified for work in, for example, sheltered workshops.

Daycare Centre
The school offers a special program for young people who are disabled for work. Here they receive training in activities that can be applied to their daily routines at home or at institutions.

Postal address:
Laksevåg videregående skole
Pb 24 Ytre Laksevåg
N-5848  BERGEN

Visiting address:
Gravdalsrinden 34
5164 Laksevåg

Telephone: 55 34 98 50
Fax: 55 34 98 99