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Øystese and Norheimsund upper secondary school is a school situated in Kvam in Hardanger. The school offers programmes for General Studies and Vocational Studies. The school has two departments; the Department for General Studies which is located in Øystese, and the department for Vocational Studies located in Norheimsund. It is a ten minute drive between the two departments.


The education programmes we provide are:

  • Programme for Electricity and Electronics
  • Programme for Health and Social Care
  • Programme for Technical and Industrial Production


The education programmes we provide are:

  • Programme for Specialization in General Studies
    • Natural Science and Mathematics Studies
    • Social Sciences Studies
    • Language Studies
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In Kvam there is a lot to do, especially if you like hiking, skiing, fishing, playing football and volleyball. The glacier Folgefonna is not far away and the students go there every year. Still, if you prefer city life, Bergen, the second largest city in Norway is just an hour away by car. 

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The department of Vocational Studies in Norheimsund has around 100 students divided into three different vocational programme areas. It all began in 1949 with the vocational programmes of Building and Construction and Mechanics. The school is situated next to the famous waterfall Steinsdalsfossen and the lake of Movatnet in the agricultural area of Steinsdalen. The parish center of Norheimsund is 3 km from the school.

We offer the following programmes:


  • Programme for Electricity and Electronics
  • Programme for Health and Social Care
  • Programme for Technical and Industrial Production


  • Programme for Electrical Power
  • Programme for Health Care Worker
  • Programme for Industrial Production

The normal course progression in vocational education programmes is two years at school and two years as an apprentice. When you have completed your second year at school, you can apply for an apprenticeship in certified training establishments/ certified companies and workplaces. It is also possible for students in vocational studies to go on to a third year at school for supplementary studies qualifying for higher education.

The lessons in the vocational programme subjects take place in large and well equipped workshops with modern machines and tools. In their second year, the students may establish their own pupil enterprises. In the pupil enterprises, the students gain knowledge on how to run their own enterprise at the same time as they learn more about their vocational programme and which opportunities and demands that exist in their field of vocation. The students have used the income from their pupil enterprises to finance study trips, many of them abroad to countries such as the USA, Lithuania, Spain, Malta and Austria.

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Øystese gymnas is an upper secondary school situated in Øystese, a small town by the Hardangerfjord, in Kvam county, Norway. The school was founded in 1949 and has today 180 full time students studying to take their A-levels exams.

Exam results show that Øystese gymnas is a first class school in academics. Moreover, Øystese gymnas has one of the best teams in Volleyball in Norway.
In addition to Norwegian, geography, religion and science we offer the following subjects: 

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • mathematics
  • social science
  • sociology
  • law
  • sports 

The different classrooms are modern and well equipped, and more important, the teachers are well educated and experienced, and will help all students achieve their goals.

International connections

Students at Øystese gymnas are given the opportunity to travel to Germany, Spain and/or the UK for a week every year. In addition, they can choose to spend their second school year in the USA where we manage a class at St.Paul High School in Missouri. Our School is well known for its international connections. Every year we send 20 students to a Lutheran High School in Missouri, USA.

Saint Paul Lutheran High School



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