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Information in English

The participants may stay in the project for one year, where the objective is to motivate and qualify them to continue their education in a regular high school or bring them into the work force.

The project is for young people that drop out of their education for whatever reason. Some find it difficult to cope within the regular schooling system due to the focus on theory and need a moore practical approach. Some do not know yet what direction to pursue within their education, others may not fit in at a larger school due to social issues. We will also accommodate young people with certain psychological challenges or drug related problems.

The production school is based on labour market oriented work-based learning, development of social and basic skills, self-directed learning approaches and guidance and councelling measures. Work based training while producing real products for the local and regional market is a powerful means of engaging and motivating young people.

The aim is to enhance and enable the learning process, bring self belief and esteem, evoke an interest for work life and thus reintegrate young drop outs.

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