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IB - information in English

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging, broad and balanced two-year programme of international education for students aged 16 to 19, comparable to vg2 and vg3 in the Norwegian school system. The programme is designed to equip students with the basic academic skills needed for university study, further education and their chosen profession, as well as developing the values and lifeskills needed to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.


Norway has a 13 year school system and the IB-system is based on 12 years. Therefore we have a pre-IB year which prepares students for entry into the Diploma Programme or further studies within the Norwegian school system. In this course the majority of teaching takes place in English with the exeption of a few subjects. Both English and Norwegians teaching materials are used to ensure that the requirements for completing the first year of Norwegian upper secondary education. 

Studens living and going to school in Norway apply using the national digital application system  Vigo. Students at International schools and Norwegian students not living in Norway must use our application form (If the form doesn't accept your attached files, please e-mail them directly to Gillian Boniface).  

Student life

The IB-students have their own newsletter, The IB Katfood, about IBDP life at Bergen Katedralskole.

Read The IB Katfood

IBDP Curriculum

Students are required to study six subjects and the curriculum core. 

The three core elements are: Theory of knowledge,The extended essay, and CAS - Creativity, activity and service.

The six subject groups and the subjects within them that we currently offer, at Bergen Katedralskole are:

  • Group 1: Studies in language and literature: English A Language and Literature, Norwegian A Literature and self-taught language A
  • Group 2: Language acquisition: Norwegian Language B or Mandarin Ab Initio SL
  • Group 3: Individuals and societies: History, Economics and Psychology (Psychology SL only)
  • Group 4: Sciences: Biology, Chemistry or Physics
  • Group 5: Mathematics: Analysis and approaches or Applications and Interpretations
  • Group 6:The arts: Visual arts (Can be replaced by either Chemistry or an extra subject from Group 3)

Each student takes three subjects at higher level (HL), and three at standard level (SL).

IB Learner Profile Language Policy - Bergen Katedralskole


Assessment Policy

The International Baccalaureate (IB) assesses student work as direct evidence of achievement against the stated goals of the Diploma Programme (DP) courses. DP assessment procedures measure the extent to which students have mastered advanced academic skills.

Bergen Katedralskole recognizes that teaching, learning and assessment are fundamentally interdependent. Learning outcomes, which include knowledge and understanding of a subject as well as cognitive, personal and academic skills, should be explicitly stated for each unit of work/assignment/course, and these should be the pivot around which the whole course is developed. For more information please, read our Assessment Policy.

Assessment Policy - Bergen Katedralskole IBDP Academic Honesty Policy - Bergen Katedralskole Read more about the IB Diploma Programme curriculum, assessment and exams

Special Education Needs Policy

The IB Diploma Programme at BKS supports the following policy of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) about inclusive assessment arrangements. “The IB believes that all candidates must be allowed to take their examinations under conditions that are as fair as possible. Where standard examination conditions and assessment procedures would put candidates at a disadvantage and prevent them from being able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge adequately, reasonable forms of access arrangements may be authorized. This policy applies to candidates affected by a temporary, long-term or permanent disability or illness, including candidates with a learning difficulty.” To that end, BKS offers an array of accommodations for students found eligible to receive services. For detailed information please, read our Inclusive Education Policy

Inclusive Education Policy - Bergen Katedralskole

Admission and application

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year-course and is offered in the last two years of the Norwegian Upper Secondary programme (Vg2 and Vg3). Students who have not completed the Vg1 or equivalent (for instance MYP5) can apply for the IB preparatory Vg1 General Studies (Pre-IB) at Bergen Katedralskole. Students should also follow the same age cohort as Vg2 and Vg3 students in Norwegian public schools. Students at Upper Secondary courses typically begin at Vg2 in their 17th year.

Bergen Katedralskole has the following general admission policy for the IB Diploma.

Applicants for the IB Diploma Programme should have previous knowledge that corresponds to the first year of the Norwegian Upper Secondary General Studies programme (Vg1 Studieforberedende utdanningsprogram). In Mathematics and English the applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Mathematics at Vg1 or equivalent: Grade 4 or better (According to the Norwegian grading scale a 4 is described as "high degree of competence in the subject").
  • English at Vg1 or equivalent: Grade 5 or better (According to the Norwegian grading scale a 5 is described as "very high degree of competence in the subject").
  • Applicants need a grade average of 4,5 from Norwegian vg1, 5 from IB-MYP or equivalent.
  • Applicants might be asked to attend at Skype interview to assess their competency in English.

The students and their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must provide certified documentation in English showing that the applicant's previous courses fulfill the requirements equivalent to Norwegian Vg1. Please consult the curriculum guide at UDIR for these courses.

Admission Policy - Bergen Katedralskole IBDP


For applicants not residing in Hordaland, please read about the Certificate of residence before applying.

Students living and going to school in Norway apply using the national digital application system  Vigo

Foreign students, students at International schools and Norwegian students not living in Norway must use our application form (If the form doesn't accept your attached files, please e-mail them directly to Gillian Boniface).   

Deadline for Applications is 1 March, and  your application will be reviewed by the school’s Admissions Committee in May. 

Students taking the first year of the IBDP at another IB-school can apply to complete their diploma at Bergen Katedralskole. Each students will be considered on an individual basis on the condition that their subject choices fit with those that we offer and that we have spaces available. We ask that if possible you take contact with us before starting your IBDP-studies or as early as possible during the first year.

(If the form doesn't accept your attached files, please e-mail them directly to Gillian Boniface).  

Application form for foreign students, Norwegian students living abroad and students at International Schools in Norway and abroad General regulations - Diploma Programme


Certificate of residence

Applicants must have a registered address in Bergen or one of the other municipalities in Hordaland by the application deadline on 1 March. Applicants who are in the process of moving to Hordaland county together with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), are eligible to apply for a place. They will, however, not secure a place until they provide documentation proving that they've moved to a Hordaland county address together with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Bergen Katedralskole does not accept applications from students whose parent(s) or legal guardians(s) will not be residing in Hordaland county during their period of study.

IB-Exam fees

Bergen Katedralskole is a Norwegian public school and therefore has no tuition fees. There is, however, an administrative IB-cost of NOK 10.000,- per student per school year (paid in two parts).

More information

For more information you are welcome to contact our IBDP-Coordinator Gillian Boniface., phone +47 5533 8280