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The school library

All students and staff at Bergen Katedralskole are welcome to use the school library. At the library you can meet other students, find information, ask for help, work quietly, read newspapers and borrow books, movies and journals.

Locality and opening hours

  • The library is located right by the main entrance from Kong Oscarsgt.
  • It's open on school days from 08.00 to 18.30 (14.30 on Fridays).

Lending books and accessing databases

The library provide a collection of books in both Norwegian and English, e-books in Norwegian and access to a variety of journals and access to different databases. We also have a collection of IB extended essays from the previous school years. These can be read in the library, but are not available for home loan. This is also where most students come to borrow their text books.

Links to different databases and information about them can be found at our resource site.

Library books and e-books can normally be borrowed for 4 weeks and DVD's for 1 week (can be extended). A few books are only available on-site.

Search our online catalogue The library resource web

In addition to helping you access our on-site resources the librarian can help you get hold of books not available from any library in Bergen and journal articles that are not available online. The library might also purchase books that we think we ought to have in our library.

Studying at the library

The school library is also a study area. Students can come here and work individually or in groups. We have a silent study room for those looking for some peace and quiet. Just hanging out in the sofa is also an option if you need a timeout from your school work.


Contact the library

You're ALWAYS welcome to ask the librarian for help, in person, using It's learning or via e-mail. 

Send e-post til biblioteket

Eva Mostraum -, phone 55338222

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