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Information in English

Tertnes vgs. is an upper secondary school in Bergen, Norway. As of 2014-2015, the school has 460 students and about 50 teachers. The students are between the ages of 15 and 19, and they attend upper secondary school for 3 years to receive their diploma. Tertnes vgs. is a state school that is 100 % government funded

Educational programmes at Tertnes vgs.

Student preparatory educational programmes which qualify candidates for admission to universities:

  • Study specialization (in the basic academic fields)
  • Study specialization with sports program
  • Study specialization with art program

More about study specialization with sports program:

Twenty percent of our students are specializing in sports. They are chosen among the most talented athletes in the country. These students train 12 hours a week, and they are coached by the best trainers in the country that are finaced by the government and the Norwegian Olympic Commitee

Other educational programmes:

Some of our students attend programmes with service sector for four years, including two years' apprenticeship. These programmes do not qualify the students for admission to universities.